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alkaline trio, arctic monkeys, arrested development, art, best friends, books, brand new, bright colors, brodway, clothes, comedy, conan o brian, concerts, david tennat, diet, disney, disneyland, doctor who, donna noble, dunnys, energy drinks, erik jones, faith, fashion, folk, friends, gardening, gardens, gingers, gloomys, hair dye, happy, harry potter, health, indie, interior design, into the wild, japan, junko mizuno, kate nash, kidrobot, lady gaga, late nights, layouts, lily allen, london, love, modest mouse, monsters inc, movies, netflix, new people, nick at nite, open minded, photo booths, piercings, pin ups, pink, pink hair, pinups, pit bulls, rain, rats, red hair, robots, rose tyler, san francisco, sharks, shows, skins, smart phones, snow, summer, sun dresses, tattoos, the jetsons, the oc, the office, traveling, united kingdom, vinyl toys, wall e, winter
What I like: punk rock, pretty clothes, anime, pink hair, pop music, sci fi, chick lit, travel, vinyl toys, art, vintage stuff, california, big cities, tattoos, red hair, disneyland, doctor who, books, british things etc...

What I'm like:not necessarily clever or witty, funny if I am not trying but almost always nice.

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